Farah Coppola and Betal Özay | BIOPOWER GEANNULEERD

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Meet the perfect couple.

Sophie is a lawyer with a never ending insomnia and Francesco is a Tinder addict who lost his erection. They both end up in India to find a cure but what they find instead is a miracle.
Now they want to share their inspiring journey with the audience. But some things shouldn’t be shared…

BioPower is an intimate storytelling performance which unveils the beautiful moments but also the darker struggles of a relationship. It’s a labyrinth within a labyrinth style performance. While two storytellers act out the ideal couple, their relationship on stage is strongly tested.

Directed by: Raphael Rodan
Performed by: Farah Coppola and Betal Özay
Written by: Raphael Rodan, Farah Coppola and Betal Özay
Music supervised by: Ahmet Kenan Bilgic
Lights plan by: Mirko Lazović
Photos: Anne van Zantwijk

Trailer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=219P_Qf9V_I

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€ 14


  • vr 3 feb 2023 20:15